Sagres Surf Culture 2016

For 2016 the Sagres Surf Culture the organization planned an international edition with guests from different parts of the world, whose careers have influenced all of us.


The event will take place from May 26 to 29 and will feature moviemakers, musicians, writers, visual artists, photographers, designers and shapers with a career that goes beyond the surfing world frontiers. Outstanding references for different generations of artists, creators and surfers. A great quality group ensuring that the fifth edition of Sagres Surf Culture will be a unique occasion to celebrate surfing culture with some of its greatest icons.


The environmental activist Chris Hines, the journalist Júlio Adler, the artist Wolfgang Bloch, the illustrator Sandow Birk, the multifaceted artist Andrew Kidman, the photographer Rusty Miller and Surfilm Festibal organizer Sancho Rodriguez are the invited guests of Sagres Surf Culture 2016.


Sam Alone & The Gravediggers, The Fellow Man e Storm & The Sun are the bands that will celebrate with us five years of Sagres Surf Culture. Saturday, May 28 starting at 10h30pm, a great night of music and celebration in Sagres!


Litmus: A Surfing Odyssey
Morning of The Earth

Workshops / Live Painting

SURF & BODYBOARD Photography
Wooden Surfboards
Live Painting
The access to Sagres Surf Culture is free, but the seating is limited. Register now!
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Sagres stands at the extreme south-west of Europe, a town forever faithful to its origins. Within the south-western Nature Park, Sagres is a traditional fishing town built on magnificent cliffs that have been sculpted by Nature and time. Sagres is steeped in history; it was from here that, in the 15th century, Prince Henry the Navigator planned and organised Portugal’s journey of discovery to the new world. In Sagres, time has a different value.


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