SAL – Surf at Lisbon Film Fest

SAL – Surf at Lisbon Film Fest is an event that came on the portuguese film festival scene on 2012 with the goal of ending the lack of an event dedicated to the best surf films produced in the world, having as a venue the home of all the major film festivals in the country, Cinema São Jorge, in Lisbon.


With the permanent goal to blend a carefully managed high standard selection with an artistic side that can enhance all the other aspects of surfing, SAL is presently a solid event, having contributed to show the world not only the best international productions, but also revealed a lot of national talent.


Arts (art, photography, music, writing), the history and the social side of surfing have always been present on all four editions of SAL, where other than films it has been the event’s intention to highlight the role surfing and art can have when they come together, creating a sort of symbiosis that works as an independent branch of art or even a branch of the surfing world.


Within the scope of this approach, SALt – SAL on tour naturally appears as an extension of the event beyond the capital´s city boundaries, aiming to take the concept and the films here and there in the country, sometimes integrated in events sharing the same way of looking at surfing, which goes well beyond the physical act of gliding on waves.


SAL is one of the reflexes that a more profound and artistic approach can have in the surf culture – in this case through moving images and the celebration of the surf culture.

A Origem

Director: Ademir Damasco | 42 minutes

A documentary on the sustainability that can be attained manufacturing a surfboard, in a world where traditionally the standard is the use of highly toxic and environmentally hazardous products. The brazilian surf legend from Santa Catarina, Fernando “Marreco” Moniz, in his usual good mood, takes us on a journey through the process of building a surfboard in a very different way. An inspiring and alternative approach in today’s highly patterned world.

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Director: Ben Moon | 8 minutes

A film about a man, his dog and having to say goodbye. If you were ever affected by cancer or if you have had an animal friend in your life, you don’t want to miss watching Denali. This is the sort of film we all want to share with family and friends. It touches our heart, one way or the other.

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Marcas do Tempo

Director: John Magrath | 4 minutes

A short film in a bucolic atmosphere, around a poem and the solitary perfection of a wave, somewhere in South America.

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The Far Shore

Director: Gregory Schell | 64 minutes

In 1972, Kevin Naughton and Craig Peterson took to the road with surfboards, camera gear and an untamable desire for adventure. For ten years they scoured the planet in search of perfect waves and experiences only a traveler on the road encounters. This documentary film chronicles their journey.


Featuring original photos and Super 8 footage from California, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Africa, Morocco, Ireland, France and Fiji. The journey was documented in a series of travel articles. The film “The Far Shore” is a cinematic journey inspired by those same articles. A fusion of stills, Super 8 film, live interviews and the articles themselves blend together to make this a multi-layered film experience. For those who remember reading their articles in the 70s to those just beginning their surfing lives, “The Far Shore” is an education. A historical document of surf culture and a deep look into two of surfing’s great personalities.

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