Surf & Bodyboard Photography Workshop

Registrations are exclusive to students of the School E.B. 2,3 of S. Vincente de Vila do Bispo, students of the Algarve Surf Club and the Sagres Association of Bodyboarding.

Ricardo Bravo

Freelance photographer, born in Lisbon (1975) and a resident of the closest beach wherever he might be. A free soul creator, he is, nevertheless, a voluntary prisoner of the three women in his life: the one he chose and the two little ones who chose him. He enjoys shooting the ocean, the beach and whoever happens to be nearby, sometimes in this order of importance, others less so. He studied photography at Ar.Co, ETIC and CENJOR, consolidating the knowledge acquired on brief stints in advertising photography studios, but it was on the beaches of Portugal and abroad that Ricardo has established himself as a loving amateur, firstly, before turning his passion into a job. Currently, his main customers are SurfPortugal and Moche, but he produces editorial and commercial work for brands and magazines like Quiksilver, Redbull, Lightning Bolt,Torq Surfboards, Surfline, A-Frame, Surf Europe, Surfers, 3sesenta, Carve, Hardcore and Fluir. Among his many exhibitions, the Aqua Facies (LX Factory, 2009), Sagres Surf Culture (Sagres, 2012), SAL – Surf Film Festival (Lisbon, 2012 and 2013) and WOA – Way of Arts (Cascais, 2014) are some of his favourites. He fancies visiting towns and beaches with his cameras on hand.

The access to Sagres Surf Culture is free, but the seating is limited. Register now!