The Fellow Man

About This Project

Bruno Mira is a versatile and passionate composer. He is a proud father and loves to skate. The Fellow Man was a logical continuity of his musical past. A necessity, a different way of expressing himself musically. In 2012, under the name The Fellow Man and with the support of Creative Riffs, he releases the EP Gorgeous Green, a folk music album with an extraordinary pop sensibility. In a matter of months, the single Sing With Me goes viral and conquers some of the biggest national radios. Six months later, Of All The People is released, an EP that explores his folk roots more deeply, and from which the single Own Way is extracted to integrate the New Talents Fnac 2013 collection. Light Traveler was the visitor’s card that gathered the best of the latest on the road in a Rastilho Records edition. 2015 is marked by the release of two singles: Love Hurts, with a charitable focus, and Hazy, a heartfelt tribute paid to Bruno’s father who passed away in an unexpected way. At the moment, he is working on a new project: a split EP with We Bless This Mess, and a joint tour to introduce the album, both in Portugal and in England.