A Sagres – Restaurant

Restaurant “A Sagres” is located in the village of Sagres, near the beach of Tonel. The decor is based on a rustic concept but still warm. The lighting, the fireplace, the home decor, the candles… all combines to create a soothing ambiance but at the same time discreet and comfortable. Lets have lunch or dinner in a pleasant environment where reigns serve well through the making of regional and traditional food. After a quiet meal, you can try out some of our fantastic desserts, made to surprise you. This is a place where you can enjoy a good time together with memorable dining experiences.

Armazém – Restaurant Grill

The name speaks for itself: this is a result of the setting of an ancient warehouse transformed into a grill restaurant, with a cozy yet contemporaneous and sophisticated environment.

The fresh fish and seafood of the local waters, as well as a selection of the best meat bring to life its grill and customers.

T: +351 925 699 922



Carlos – Restaurant

Located in one of Sagres’ main streets, the Carlos restaurant combines tradition with quality and hospitality with sophistication. A modern space with a carefully thought decoration and a menu based on the best that the region as to offer, Carlos is a familiar restaurant with open doors to the world. Where the know how to nourish and the know how to welcome walk together since 1983.

T: +351 282 624 228



Fornaria Memmo

At memmo Fornaria restaurant all happens around our wood oven! A menu of Mediterranean flavours where regional products are presented in a simple but tasty way. Enjoy our fresh home made pizzas or our regional oven dishes. As specialty, we highlight the roasted octopus in rosemary olive oil and loin of cod gratin on mashed sweet potatoes.  The atmosphere is warm, in shades of brown, standing out the vintage chairs of the old Memmo Baleeira Hotel. A full wine list is available with suggestions from various regions of Portugal.

Hangout – Restaurant

The Hangout is a café & bar on the main street of Sagres overlooking the ocean with classic surf vibes, tunes and decor. It serves light meals like toasties, nachos and wraps that can be accompanied by fruit and veg smoothies or local, craft or international beers. Always a good after surf stop over for some beers and a chat.

T: +351 964 959 903



Last Chance – Chiringuito

Recently renewed, Chiringuito Last Chance has a privileged location and an incredible view towards the beautiful Mareta Beach. We can find on its menu tapas, burgers, toasties and smoothies. It also has sushi dinners and live music.

T: +351 910 364 716



Mar à Vista – Restaurant

This beautiful restaurant is placed just over the Mareta Beach. The view is amazing for the delight of its customers. The menu is composed by sea food, cataplanas — regional stew — and grilled meats, topped by an excellent wine selection. A must-visit.

T: +351 910 364 716



Vila Velha – Restaurante

Vila Velha restaurant opened its doors in 1995. Vila Velha stands for all things traditional, both in style of building & decoration and the wide ranging traditional menu. You are guaranteed a warm and friendly welcome when you enter this relaxing and charming atmosphere. In the winter a cosy fire awaits you and in summer the restaurant is fully air conditioned. The restaurant has 50 seats inside, while the covered terrace seats 20. Everyone is welcome and our staff is able to speak 5 languages so there is no barrier to all enjoying this wonderful experience.

Atalaia – Nature Walks

More than a simple walk, an experience. Because a walk can be much more than putting one foot in front of the other. Atalaia’s vision is to tell the story of the natural landscape which is going to be discovered. The guide thus turns into a story teller. He tells the secrets of the green and the blue and the brown that will be encountered all along the way. These walks take place in the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentina Coast Natural Park, which is a natural reserve extending throughout a 110km narrow stretch of coast in southern Portugal. It is undoubtedly immensely rich in its biodiversity and natural beauty. Through the proposed walks the hiker will encounter unique sensorial experiences and a feeling of being part of the place and the moment. The Atalaia-Experience is working to Value, Promote and to make more Dynamic, not only the region but also the local culture, the people and their traditions. The aim being to combine the natural elements with the human aspect in order to make a sustainable relationship to better understand this precious and fragile ecosystem.

T: +351 967 932 206

Cape Cruiser – Sea Tours

Cape Cruiser – Sagres – Algarve is a company specialized in the Whale and Dolphin Watching, Seabirds Watching, Boat Trips and Fishing Programs. Under the Mediterranean influence and in the Atlantic Ocean the coast of Sagres is a privileged area for the Observation of Marine Life.
Leisure Activities in the coastline of Sagres associated to educational aspects and scientific research. Cape Cruiser promotes quality services and contributes to the increase of the local economy valuing the natural, historical and cultural region.

T: +351 919 751 175

Pura Vida – Divehouse

Learn to scuba dive, safe and easily, while having fun. Whether you are a beginner, a waterman or a youngster, who dreams about breathing underwater or explore the mysteries of the sunken world, Pura Vida Divehouse enthusiastic and very professional team will provide the best dive training to suit everyone’s needs. If you are already a certified diver, you will find in Sagres fulfilling Scuba diving experiences, orientated by our experienced Dive Masters, who will show you the best of each dive site. The PADI and SSI Scuba Diving School & Center is based at PuraVida B&B garden, in Pura Vida Hostel.

T: +351 913 210 716 / +351 918 426 721

The access to Sagres Surf Culture is free, but the seating is limited. Register now!