SSC 2012

Cartaz Sagres Surf Culture 2012

Sagres Surf Culture 2012

Over the past few years, surfing has decisively gained ground in our culture and collective conscience. Not only has it grown as a competitive and ultimately inventive sport, it has also revealed a strongly attached youth culture whose cultural aspirations are as much urban as they are connected to Nature, providing a strong creative and artistic inspiration for multiple generations, either through surfing or its numerous artistic outlets. All of that, and more, is what SAGRES SURF CULTURE is about: the uniqueness of artistic work produced by surfers.


The first event showcased an ensemble of renowned personalities in cultural and creative production fields, namely people that have been inspired by surfing to excel on an artistic level and fuelled their creative efforts through the vast inspiration provided by surfing.


Cover Photo: © Ricardo Bravo | Slideshow Photos: © Lars Jansen

The access to Sagres Surf Culture is free, but the seating is limited. Register now!