Sagres stands at the extreme south-west of Europe, a town forever faithful to its origins. Within the south-western Nature Park, Sagres is a traditional fishing town built on magnificent cliffs that have been sculpted by Nature and time. Sagres is steeped in history; it was from here that, in the 15th century, Prince Henry the Navigator planned and organised Portugal’s journey of discovery to the new world. In Sagres, time has a different value.

The calmness of the Natural Park cleans our mind. The green landscape leaves a fragrance in the air that comes along with us in the journey. From the fresh fish lingers the taste of alive sea with an unforgettable aroma.


You will be fascinated with the historical sites, from the Neolithic menhirs to the golden age of the Discoveries period.

Take your time exploring the pristine and wild beaches of the West Coast and dive in the South Coast’s blue sea. This is the traveller’s spirit: a journey, a path, a place and people with something unique to offer. And in the end of that journey, unforgettable memories will remain.

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