Rusty Miller

About This Project

Rusty Miller was born in California in 1943 and grew into surfing in Encinitas. Throughout his youth he set several competitive records and took part in the World Tour, and was twice a finalist at the Duke Kahanamoku Invitational. He was also one of the most prominent US big-riders. Rusty holds a BA in History from the University of San Diego, and has always been interested in art and politics. He sailed through Tahiti, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean. Miller lived in Kauai before moving to Sydney, Australia, a country where he still resides. He was one of the pioneers at Uluwatu in Bali, Indonesia and has worked in Byron Bay as a surf instructor since the early 70s. Rusty Miller is the author of the photo-book “Turning Point: Surf Portraits and Stories from Bells to Byron 1970-1971” (2013). He participated in several films: “60: Gun Ho” (1963), “Angry Sea” (1963), “Golden Breed” (1968), “Full Cycle” (1994), and “Powerglide” (1995).


Cover Photo: © Niche Pictures