Júlio Adler

About This Project

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1967, Júlio Adler wanted to play football for Flamengo, but he ended up wearing competition vest in the water, where he competed against the best surfers from Brazil and the world at the World Surfing Tour. Carioca Champion in 1990, from an early age his observing, penetrating, and singular point of view on surfing led him to writing, editing, and production, preferred means of expression for a creator and insatiable devourer of knowledge whose work constantly brings references to literature, music, and cinema, making him one of the planet’s most profound and unique surf content creators. A long time contributor to SURFPortugal magazine, columnist for Hardcore magazine, editor of the masterpiece “Fabio Fabuloso,” producer of programs for Canal OFF, co-author of the webseries “Séries Fecham”, Júlio also maintains his blog, an encyclopedia wisdom and good taste. Júlio Adler is one of the greats of surf, as thought and spoken in Portuguese—and beyond.

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