Sagres Surf Culture 2016

Organized for the first time in 2012, Sagres Surf Culture is an event that was firstly born out of the urgent need to reflect about the state of surf culture in Portugal, bringing together players from several areas: from art to sustainability, and including history, creativity and public intervention. With its central location at the Memmo Baleeira design hotel in Sagres, municipality of Vila do Bispo, in the heart of The South West Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park, this whole magnificent setting has been a profound inspiration for the event, helping with the strength of its natural beauty to create the unique ambiance that has been experienced and that has touched both the participants and the public. The event is free to attend and each year a growing number of people has come to witness key note conferences, music, films, exhibitions, concerts and conversations under this spirit of sharing and friendship. A plethora of unique personalities have been included among the invited guests. Artists, thinkers, creators, but first and foremost surfers who share a passion for the ocean.

For 2016 the Sagres Surf Culture organization planned an international edition with guests from different parts of the world, whose careers have influenced all of us. The event will take place from May 26 to 29 and will feature moviemakers, musicians, writers, visual artists, photographers, designers and shapers with a career that goes beyond the surfing world frontiers. Outstanding references for different generations of artists, creators and surfers. A great quality group ensuring that the fifth edition of Sagres Surf Culture will be a unique occasion to celebrate surfing culture with some of its greatest icons.



From painters to sculptors, photographers to designers, along the 3 editions the number of participants has grown.



The acceptance by the public has also been growing. We hope it continues!

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The access to Sagres Surf Culture is free, but the seating is limited. Register now!